Mkulima Mbunifu Magazine

The leading farmer magazine in Tanzania

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A total of over 180.000 beneficiaries – from farmer groups, agricultural institutions, NGOs, and CBOs, to churches, schools, educational institutions, extension officers, individuals, libraries, and many more – are provided with news and essential information about ecologically sustainable agriculture through our monthly published Mkulima Mbunifu Magazine (MkM). 15.000 copies are distributed across Tanzania, with a focus on the fivemain agro-ecological regions of Arusha, Morogoro, Kilimanjaro, Shinyanga, and Iringa.With over ten years of existence and therefore the longest Swahili magazine targeted toward small-scale farmers, it is trusted by its readers and helps them in decision-making to produce healthy foods for families, communities, and the market. The magazine, of which SAT is a co-publisher, also assists farmers in deriving maximum value from their produce, with environmental consciousness for sustained production.

Sustainable news

Small-scale farmers are still using traditional methods to obtain and share information and knowledge. But those are insufficient for facing current challenges. Thus, the goal of MkM is to have sustainable publications with accurate and reliable information concerning the relationship between plants, animals, and humans, which can be used by farmers in East Africa. In addition, the convergence of these publications creates a presence and increases awareness among people, institutions, and policymakers with a common goal.