Innovation Accelerator for Agroecology

The Innovation Accelerator for Agroecology provides insights into the core elements and stakeholders involved in driving the adoption of agroecological farming practices and how our knowledge and experience is scaled out to them. Through the graph below, SAT showcases the key components of its impactful work, which reaches far more than 100.000 farmers every year with involving as well the private and public sector.

Core farmer network

The first Icon on the right highlights the core-farmer network, which consists of approximately 20,000 farmers with whom SAT has established long-term relationships. These farmers have been visited by SAT in Farmer Field Schools and received intensive training on agroecology. This network forms the foundation for knowledge dissemination and collaboration.

Research, refine & incubate

The second icon illustrates the iterative process of Research, Refine, and Incubate. SAT conducts research activities within the core farmer network, leveraging the knowledge and experience gained. The organization refines this knowledge and disseminates it to farmers, who then serve as incubators, sharing their knowledge and expertise with their peers in a farmer-to-farmer approach.
All gained knowledge and experience is scaled through SAT's diverse approaches see next step.

Scaling tools

The third icon outlines the scaling tools employed by SAT within the Innovation Accelerator. These tools include SAT Social Business, Farmer Training Centre (FTC), the Farmer Magazine Mkulima Mbunifu, and Projects & Services.

SAT Social Business

SAT Social Business, represented in the icon, is the affiliated company SAT Holistic Group Limited This entity facilitates the connection between farmers and the local organic market, pioneering organic consumption in Tanzania and increasing demand for organic products. The company works with over 2,000 producers, 600 of whom adhere to international organic standards such as EU/NOP.

The Farmer Training Centre (FTC)

The Farmer Training Centre (FTC) serves as a training hub where SAT imparts the knowledge gained from working with farmers in the field. More than 8,000 farmers and professionals have been trained at the FTC, ensuring the dissemination of refined and researched knowledge.

Mkulima Mbunifu (MkM)

Mkulima Mbunifu, the Farmer Magazine, plays a crucial role in sharing the refined and researched knowledge with a wide audience. With a reach of over 90,000 farmers, the magazine contributes to the empowerment and education of farmers across Tanzania.

Project & Services

Projects & Services offered by SAT encompass various areas such as agroecological value chains, curriculum development, farm planning, business planning, and organic certification. These services further support the adoption of sustainable farming practices.

Stakeholders reached

The fourth icons highlights the stakeholders reached by the Innovation Accelerator. Farmers, consumers, NGOs, companies, and the public sector all play a vital role in SAT's efforts. The Innovation Accelerator engages with more than 100,000 farmers and stakeholders annually, acting as a significant catalyst for the adoption of agroecological farming practices not only in Tanzania but also beyond its borders.

Our Innovation Accelerator effectively combines research, knowledge refinement, peer-to-peer learning, and scaling tools to foster the widespread adoption of sustainable agriculture. By reaching a diverse range of stakeholders and employing various strategies, we drive positive change in the agricultural sector and promoting the transition towards agroecology.