Impact ladder

Our Impact

Since 2011, when SAT was founded, it has implemented 25 projects across 14 regions in the country and conducted 89 agroecological research with farmers. So far, a broad farmer’s network of more than 12.400 farmers has benefited from the 14 modules, which were trained to cover more than five value chains. However, about 180.000 farmers were reached monthly through the Mkulima Mbunifu magazine, and others have been trained at our Farmer Training Centre (FTC). Due to the training the farmers received, there has been a fundamental transformation in agriculture that has increased farm biodiversity and agroecological areas, reduced the use of chemicals, resulting in a healthier lifestyle, access to affordable and nutritious food, and increased yield, income, and market access.  Now we can evaluate the impact of our intervention by looking at the increase in national awareness of agroecological farming methods as an indication of the success of our work. We know that to have the intended impact, we must influence the policies and the interests of all stakeholders involved in our activities. We are pleased with the modifications we have made to our curriculum and policies and that our innovation accelerator is open to all interested stakeholders. This is a massive step for us.