Milk Processing and Value Addition Course

Transform Milk into Gold! Discover how value addition in dairy can turn a simple product into a profitable venture. In a continent where the dairy sector is ripe with opportunities for growth and innovation, this course is your gateway to unlocking its potential.

Why settle forless when you can achieve more? With the dairysector in Africa poised for transformation, this five-day course is designed toempower small and medium entrepreneurs with the skills to elevate their dairyproducts beyond the ordinary. Learn to navigate the challenges of production,marketing, and trade constraints that have long hindered the development ofthis lucrative industry.


This program isspecifically tailored for those looking to make a mark in dairy processing andmarketing at a small scale. It offers hands-on training in milk processing andvalue addition, teaching you to create a wide variety of processed products andincrease your returns above the base price of raw milk. Dive into the world ofdairy innovation and learn how to stabilize prices, boost exports, and fostersustainable rural development through value-added dairy products.

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Skills You Will Acquire

What will the participant learn?  
  • Milk Hygiene and    Quality Control:  Ensuring high standards of hygiene in dairy processing.
  • Production of Dairy     Products:  Techniques for producing cream, yogurt, ghee, butter, and cheese.
  • Practical Cheese Making: Hands-on experience in making Gouda and Mozzarella.
  • Milk Processing Techniques:  Understanding pasteurization and storage.
  • Economics of Dairy   Product Value Chain: Learning the value addition in dairy economics.
  • Developing a  Small-Scale Business Plan: Crafting a business plan for dairy processing ventures.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand dairy value addition concepts.
  • Learn the importance of hygiene, packaging, storage, and  transportation in dairy quality.
  • Understand food safety from farm to consumption.
  • Learn techniques to reduce losses in dairy processing.
  • Gain knowledge in value addition and food safety practices.

Who can Participate in the program?  

·       Dairy farm owners looking to add value to their produce.

·       Entrepreneurs starting small-scale dairy processing units.

·       Staff of dairy companies, cooperatives, NGOs.

·       Dairy training institute staff and extension workers.

·       Advisory service staff dealing with dairy farm management.

Courses 2024

  • 3rd June - 7th June 2024 — Course ID: MLP 001

Please note that our training schedule is subject to change due to variable course attendance. To confirm the course dates, contact us as indicated below.

Training Fee: TZS 450,000 per participant

Join us on this transformative journey into dairy processing and value addition. Enhance your skills and contribute to the growing field of value-added dairy products. For more information and registration, please contact us at

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Milk Processing and Value Addition Course
3rd Jun – 7th Jun 2024 — Course ID: MLK 001
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